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Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Set

Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Set

Price: £19.95


Say goodbye to clogged airbrushes with the Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Kit! This 21 piece set is perfect for any artist looking for a hassle-free solution to airbrush cleaning.

With this kit, you can easily unclog airbrushes, saving time and energy. The Angelus Airbrush Cleaning Kit has everything you need to keep your tools in perfect condition - from fine needles, to stiff bristle brushes, we've got you covered.

Stop worrying about clogging problems; get yourself the Angelus Cleaning Kit today. Get back to creating beautiful artwork without hassle!

This 21 piece Kit includes:

  • (10) Needle Assortment for clearing clogged nozzles
  • (5) Mini Nylon Brushes
  • (3) Black Nylon Tube Brushes
  • (1) Bridgel Brush with Handle
  • (1) Copper Tube Brush
  • (1) Broom Style Nylon Brush